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it is 43 years since we first undertook a weathering commission. Over the years we have been able to make use of a number of techniques. We can undertake commissions for locomotives, coaches, wagons and structures/buildings in all scales from N to Gauge 1 and 16mm to the foot.


The techniques make use of materials which can be removed if required and, due to the application process, continue to change with time - hence the term Active Weathering. The undercoat applied is a mix of Ink and Water - this remains on the item weathered unless removed using commercially available cleaning materials. A coating of weathering powders is then applied as required to highlight dust and rust patches.


We do use colour photographs wherever possible to make sure that the weathering applied is as close to the real item as possible. This is something we always discuss with pour clients to make sure they know what to expect when they receive their weathered stock or buildings back.


We don't normally seal the weathering applied but we can if required dust over the weathering using a thin film of varnish. This means that the weathering is non-active and remains as "delivered" forever.


We have been fitting DCC sound systems in a variety of RTR locomotives, kit built and some scratch built ones. This is now part of our portfolio of products.  DJH Duchesses, A3s, A1s, A2s, 9Fs, Black 5s, Standard 5s, Britannias  and a Jidenco Midland 800 class have all been sound fitted. Scratchbuilt locomotives have also been sound or dcc fitted. We fit sound and dcc chips to locomotives others wont! A lot of modified RTR locomotives in EM gauge have been sound fitted including LMS Compounds, B1s, Black 5s, Royals Scots and a Stanier 2-6-0.


Some of the Commissions undertaken to date are included in the following pages - note these will be updated on a regular basis.

herculaneum track weathering Colorado and western van (1280x634) B1 new dome and chimney other side